100,000 passengers/day means a great trust

Operating a vehicle weighing over 20 tons with 100 passengers is a significant responsibility. To enhance safety further, we are now installing Safe Start in 186 buses, at the depot, and in the offices of Gamla Uppsala Buss.

“This is not an alcohol interlock. This is a system for secure traffic. Our drivers qualify first and can then operate a vehicle for a specified period until it’s time for requalification,” says Tommy Rydbeck, the company’s technical manager.

With Senseair SafeStart, it ensures that it is

  • The right driver
  • With the right skills
  • In the right condition
  • Operating the bus.

The system also makes it easier for depot personnel to service buses with maintained efficiency. Those who have tested in the system only need to scan their tag each time they board a bus, no blowing. The same applies to drivers; once they have tested, they have access to the fleet during the period specified in the policy. The test involves breathing towards the inlet, no plastic tubes, no blowing until completely out of air. It takes 9 seconds. When using their tag, it takes 1 second to open the bus and drive away.