A Deeper Insight on our Platforms and Main Applications

You can find intelligent sensor applications in a wide range of environments (in our homes, workplaces, public places, etc.), implemented to make our everyday lives easier and safer. Join our experts as they explain our product concept and present real applications.


When developing sensor applications, environments and customer needs vary. They require different sensitivities, signal interfaces, as some sensors may be used in harsh environments.  Our experts will guide you through our product concept, which is divided into three levels (Sensor Core, Sensor OnBoard and Sensor InCase).

Our five adaptable platforms will be explained by diving deeply into their differences and clarifying when each platform is suitable.

Furthermore, our experts will showcase unique products, and provide a closer look into their features and the specific problem they solve. They will also provide insights on some successful customer cases and share their stories.

Do not miss out on an opportunity to brainstorm together and get your questions answered.

View our webinar and learn more about:
– The product concept
– Main application areas
– Our five adaptable platforms
– When to use a specific platform
– Technical and environmental sensor challenges
– Which features you can add to Sensor onBoard and Sensor inCase
– Successful customer cases

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