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About Senseair

Senseair is a leading global provider of air and gas sensing technology, with its headquarters in Sweden. Our purpose is to make sense of air by providing the best measurement solutions, services, and intelligence possible. With over 25 years of experience, Senseair has become the centre of excellence in the field of non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) technology. We develop and produce the smallest and most cost-efficient high-precision, low-power sensors for high volume production.   


We have offices in three locations in Sweden: Delsbo, Västerås, and Kista. We have international offices in Germany, the US, and China. Our products are sold all over the world. 


In 2017, Senseair merged with Hök Instruments. In 2018, Senseair was acquired by Asahi Kasei. Read more about our journey in Our history. 


Senseair's air and gas sensing technology include highly advanced and complex sensor products composed of many carefully chosen details. Years of product development, design, and testing close to the technological forefront have made Senseair a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance air and gas sensing technology.

We help leading OEMs develop state-of-the-art solutions that are well integrated into their product offerings (e.g. Sensor Cores, Sensor onBoard), as well as designed white-label Sensor inCase solutions for indoor and outdoor air quality, alcohol detection, alarms, automotive and industrial applications.

About a third of the Senseair staff is dedicated to research, development, and production optimization, always aiming to apply the latest industrially viable technologies on the market into our products. 

Our dedicated teams will help you to solve your problem, regardless of whether it concerns the sensor only, a sensor on a board or an entire gas sensor solution.

The excellency of Senseair’s development resources is proven by the fact that these resources also are highly appreciated as consultants in external projects working towards new ultra-precise sensors.

In addition to our specialized R&D resources, we have a wide range of qualified in-house lab equipment as well as access to external labs and instruments in co-operation with companies and universities.

Senseair holds more than 20 patents relating to its proprietary measurement technique.


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