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Facts production

Quality, traceability, and final configuration & calibration facts.


  • All operators are trained on each operation
  • All staff must have ESD training before visiting production area
  • All waste/scrap are reviewed and Kaizen improvement team formed if needed
  • Only staff approved in IPC-610A training are allowed to solder
  • All units go through final testing before packaging



  • Traceability of all key components
  • All data from all test and configurations are stored for future investigations
  • All SMD outsourced
  • Semi-manual assembly of optics
  • Soldering and Gluing automated
  • Capacity approximately 1,500 per shift
  • Production averaging around 1,000 per shift
  • Box build of own - and customer branded enclosures
  • All assembly is manual
  • All products go through final test before packaging​


Final configuration and Calibration

  • Three calibration chambers in production
  • Can do temperatures between -20 and + 80 degree C
  • Humidity between 40 - 95 RH
  • Multiple point calibration of each sensor
  • Tested in different concentrations of CO2, 200 ppm up to 30%
  • All data captured and stored for future references
  • Total capacity of 12,000 sensors per day