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The sensor factory

Continually improving and working with LEAN principles, our modern automated production has a capacity of 2 million sensors per year, offering full traceability of all units.

OTD 98-99%

Your sensor is made in a factory automated for large quantities (up to 2 million units/year). Smaller quantities are made on a semi-automated production line. Here, you will find a dedicated staff where most have been with us for decades.

Our On-Time Deliveries (OTD) rate is 98-99% (committed)

The rate for deliveries on the requested date is 96-97%

This is made possible thanks to a well-developed, lean production.

Return Rate <500 ppm

The secret when producing an infrared sensor is about precision and control. Every single sensor has to deliver the exact result.

A big part of our production line is calibration and control (read more about our 4 point calibration)

All key components are traceable throughout production and delivery.

When a change is made in production (i.e. product revision or new order) it is always confirmed with a 1st pass approval.


“The blame game”

In our culture, you will find the key to a low return rate and dedicated staff. We use the same way of dealing with problems that is used in aviation (Just Culture). When a problem occurs, we look at the system instead of the individual. Can we change the workspace, flow, assembly method to avoid future failures?