Our advanced sensors offer unmatched accuracy and sensitivity, transforming alcohol detection in various applications. Explore how Senseair’s commitment to research and development is shaping a safer and more responsible future.

NDIR & Alcohol

Revolutionizing alcohol sensing

Senseair has revolutionized alcohol detection through pioneering sensor technology, marking a new era in the field. At the heart of this shift lies our cutting-edge Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology, reshaping the industry by swiftly and accurately measuring alcohol levels in breath without direct contact. This innovation not only enhances convenience but also addresses hygiene concerns, making alcohol testing more accessible and user-friendly.

What distinguishes Senseair is our dedication to transcending conventional barriers. We’re actively eliminating mouthpieces, enabling passive alcohol detection in various real-time scenarios, from seamless workplace check-ins to integrating detection in vehicle fleets like buses and trains. Our touch-free, NDIR-based solutions are setting new safety standards, empowering safer workplaces and traffic environments. Our unwavering goal remains: creating safer spaces and accessible advanced alcohol detection for all, now. Senseair’s touch-free NDIR technology is a pivotal step toward reducing alcohol-related incidents and ensuring real-time safety for everyone, inviting others to join our journey towards a safer world.

Our technology

Senseair at your workplace

The Senseair Workplace is a generational leap in alcohol sensing technology, creating a seamless employee check in experience.

Senseair Workplace


Alcohol R&D

Jonas Ljungblad shares the journey to creating revolutionary touch free technology.

Alcohol R&D

Customer Cases

"This is not an alco lock. It's a solution for safe traffic. Our drivers start by qualifying and can from that point on drive a vehicle for a set amount of time before they have to qualify again."

Tommy Rydbäck, CTO, Gamla Uppsala Bussar