The Senseair Workplace paves the way for touch free alcohol sensing at the workplace.


What is the Senseair Workplace?

The Senseair Workplace is a touch free alcohol screening device that puts the user in focus. It’s easy and effortless to both use and manage while not compromising security or existing routines. It quickly measures the user’s breath alcohol concentration and ensures a sober workplace free of intrusive security routines.

Senseair Workplace


What's in the box?

  • Handset
  • Mounting plate
  • Interface Module
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Signal Cable
  • Installation Guide

Deep integration

Super charge with Safestart

Senseair Safestart connects all Senseair workplace units with its clouds dashboard interface. Integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and unlock advanced features such as instant alerts and Green Time.

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