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Alcohol Sensing

Touch-free system in buses, trains, and airplanes

The solution we offer players in public transportation is called Sesame. It is the next generation of alcolocks - for safe and secure starts to each transport, with little inconvenience to the business.

Sesame can be used in vehicles or as a stationary check-in system. By checking in at one of these units, you ensure that the right driver, in the right condition, and with the right skills is behind the wheel. It only takes 9 seconds. 

Key benefits:

  • Contact-free
  • Connected 
  • Works as a roadblock against driving under the influence 

Our sensors are always connected, and the driver identifies with his or her ID card/driver's license. A single exhalation on one of the sensors opens the entire fleet for the period of time that you decide a test is valid (4-8 hours).