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Alcohol Sensing

Unobtrusive system for a sober workplace

With Sesame, a team can check in based on function instead of person. The station is only used to ensure that the entire team is tagged. It is suitable for e.g. rescue stations, air traffic controls, ferries, trains, paper mills, nuclear power plants, lift systems, amusement park staff 

If there is an alarm when checking in, it will not flash visibly to anybody. There is an option to send a text message to the person who just "got flagged" and a message to the responsible leader, for example 

Key Benefits:

  • Safer working environment
  • Sober colleagues
  • Unobtrusive
  • Fast
  • Hygienic

Sesame is a stationary unit adapted for large staff flow and can be used independently for random control (without creating queues) for "sober entry". Each test is preceded by identification with a personal ID card. When drivers have checked in through Sesame at the beginning of their shift, they can simply get into the vehicle, scan their card, and go.  

Our most important arguments for Sesame: 

  • Plug & Play  
  • Always connected  
  • Integrated with existing administrative systems  
  • Ensures sober entry