Sober Workplace

The elephant at work

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The challenge

The elephant is a well-used metaphor for the lie that the addict and the environment often live in.

The elephant is also a usable mental picture when dealing with massive challenges. A way to diminish the elephant is by pushing the task to the future, thereby it becomes small.

Our mission is to help our customers to

"Cut up" the elephant into smaller parts to make them manageable. In the best of worlds you don’t end up with this huge creature looking down on you as the inevitable happened.


The line is long

We have seen controls that create huge lines. With manned alco testers that have everybody test that day or just randomly ask you to blow. We believe that if anybody has a problem that day they will turn around by the gate and call in sick.


Integrity is a big issue

With a manned test there is absolutely no integrity, it becomes an event in itself and anybody taken aside is visible to everybody around. Our solution is elegant, equal and discreet.


Can you afford our solution?

Without getting into any price discussion we will offer you a system that is far more efficient than any manned station. We offer a system that does not interfere, it can be integrated in the clock-in routine. Scan - exhale -pass.

Our system will work for you 24/7/365 thereby making sure that nobody takes a chance and becomes another elephant.


360 persons per hour/station

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