Sober Workplace

There is no profit

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Economically, there is no profit with addicts at work


It is a big responsibility

Co-workers or colleagues; confronting a suspect abuser without clear proof is to ask a lot. Additionally, addicts are often good liars, both to themselves and their surroundings


It takes time

When an abuser starts to be clearly visible at work, their home environment is usually shattered into pieces. The time it takes for the problem to "scream" for action is usually far too long.  Co-workers also feel bad when everyone sees the “elephant” at work. Conflicts are inevitable and poor productivity is a consequence of a mentally bad working environment.


We must start far down

Those who have been addicted for a long time have difficulty getting back, even when they want to. Now follows a period of failures and new attempts


We give up

Together with the union we have come to the conclusion that we can no longer try again and again.

The cost of the failure can be measured in money and suffering. But what many forget is that a less attractive work place is also a cost... We have to spend a lot of money in recruitment, training poor productivity, etc.


When we measure, we know

Knowledge is not only good for management. If I know that there is a check at my workplace, I do not get into trouble

As a bonus the workplace is not attractive to anyone who thinks that alcohol is an important part of life.


User or addict?

If the screening flagged a suspiciously affected person, it may be a one-time offense. But the next alarm will help us to detect a problem in time


Everything goes faster

Just as the emergency care knows that early efforts save huge costs in the aftercare we know that the person who gets help early has

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