Sober Workplace

Walk the talk

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There are a lot of words pointing at best work praxis and there is no doubt that most are aimed to create a safe and healthy working environment. We think that there is a big burden placed on leadership when there are subtle or not so subtle signs that there is an addiction. When you measure, you know. As a good carpenter is putting it: measure twice and you just have to cut once.

With our system at hands you can make sure that nobody is ruining  peoples life, your business or themselves because of alcohol.


In depth

If we cut the ”elephant” in pieces we believe this is a way to move forward:

A pre study is made by your occupational health care provider. The purpose is to look into the policies and statistics. The challenge is to look behind the wall. As a psychologist told us in a meeting; if you look at the statistics there are no problems in this company. But if you talk to the staff there are quite a few ”elephants” out there.

Just as an accident becomes a top management concern so should alcohol monitoring. Concerns will be expressed by different stakeholders. Our opinion is that those that have to live with the problem should have a say.



To implement screening is a matter of motivation and once in place nobody really bothers.

Senseair will adapt the system technically and our support team is dedicated to make this work in the best of interest. We understand the importance of psychology and trust the professions that know how to deal with it.

Management and unions will want very clear routines and actions. There is also an important aspect of safe data and who can look into it.


Follow up and service

As our units are always connected to our servers we will know there is a technical problem before you do. We can always update software and will make sure it does not interrupt your flow.


Sick absence or attendance

Most workplaces measure absence but forget or simply don't look at the cost of ”sick attendance”. Alcohol can be a way for some to make it through the day. The problem is that the entire work group suffers from their vicinity. Studies show that an entire work force can drop over 20% in efficiency due to one individual that is self-medicating. Rumors, focus and covering up can be factors that ruin the team spirit.

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