Indoor air quality

Our 6th sense

When it comes to measuring air quality, sensors play a major role as they perceive the information faster than our brains. The sensors become our 6th sense. 

Key benefits of a connected CO2 sensor:

  • Remotely monitor the indoor air quality
  • Simple installation to a low cost – no wires are required
  • Get control of the entire property’s air quality in one single place – the dashboard – from your laptop or cell phone. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Save time and resources by only inspecting and adjusting actual problem areas, not all areas
  • Alerts when adjustable thresholds are reached
  • Works independently of the building’s HVAC system
  • Possible to create your own customized dashboard using the API
  • Maintenance free with a battery life time of minimum 5 years

The IoT revolution has increased the demand to monitor and control our environment. We want everything to be automated, but no setting more than a touch screen away.