Indoor air quality

Our Purpose - Making sense of Air

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Our sensors have quietly worked in the background for 30 years. But now we can see an awareness rising where the demand for information is rising. In Netherlands for example there is a law where the CO2 level has to be measured and visualized in schools independently from the ventilation system. Our purpose is to make sense of air and make sure that the information we provide is scientifically proven. If you work in the field of HVAC please feel welcome to help us making sense of air. We are convinced that serious owners of well-ventilated buildings will use air quality as a competitive edge. Another reason that we all have to be more aware of air quality is that a building used to be a confined space where you took fresh air from the outside. Today the air outside can vary in quality and thus make a ventilation system work the opposite way! Bringing in polluted air make the sensors indicate there is more fresh air needed! This brings our concern to the outdoor environment, please come with us.


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Indoor air quality and safety

Our purpose - Making sense of Air

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Adaptable platforms

Most of our OEM customers need  ready to install products and solutions. You will find your solutions on one of five Adaptable Platforms where we can start our journey together. You can buy our sensors as stand alone (Sensor Core), mounted on a pcb (Sensor onBoard) with other functions such as communication, power and other sensors.

You will also find that we have extended warranties when we deliver white label casing (Sensor inCase) with all functions.