Life Science

Greenhouse solutions

Photosynthesis is a chemical process that uses light energy to convert CO2 and water to sugars in plants. Sugar is the building material for fruits and vegetables. A greenhouse without ventilation can drop the levels of CO2 to less than 340 ppm, which is contra-productive for plant growth. If the level of CO2 is raised, it will help the production rise.

To control the greenhouse environment, you need to monitor the CO2 level and control ventilation or generate CO2. Our sensors are used in a link where data is used in an automation system. When CO2 is generated, the safety of humans becomes an issue and at some levels, vegetables or crop can be damaged.  

Sensor challenges

The greenhouse environment is a good benchmark for sensor quality since humidity and heat can reach extreme levels. Even though we offer coating of the electronics, there are clients that find our sensors reliable without it.

The ABC-algorithm

Since a greenhouse will not provide a “normal” level (400 ppm) for calibration we recommend manual calibration once a year.