You find our sensors in alarm systems at restaurants, factories and mines. Urbanization, automation, smart cities will increase the need of sensors to make the right decisions but you will find alarms becoming more important than ever. Often there is no border between sensing/control and an alarm system.

Alarms are devices we need to trust and as a provider you want to make sure you can sleep well at night. Trust is part of a brand that candiminish with one incident. We can provide solutions sensing carbon dioxide, methane, ammoniac and freons. Major applications today are fast food restaurants, breweries, parking houses, personal safety equipment etc.

Look at alcohol for being a big safety issue as well, not only in cars but also at work places with a high safety factor.


Most of our OEM customers need  ready to install products and solutions. You will find your solutions on one of five Adaptable Platforms where we can start our journey together. You can buy our sensors as stand alone (Sensor Core), mounted on a pcb (Sensor onBoard) with other functions such as communication, power and other sensors.

You will also find that we have extended warranties when we deliver white label casing (Sensor inCase) with all functions.