Sensor Challenges

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When developing alarms, you need the right sensor that is always reliable and only alarms when needed (is it the real wolf now?). Our sensors can also be programmed to provide different levels of attention.
For instance, there might be a pre alarm at 1,5% and an evacuation alarm at 3%, but there is a danger on a high average over the course of a working day (8hrs) which can be detected and released as an alarm*.

When you order our sensors we will adapt and calibrate them according to the range you need to monitor (some cycles take up to a week to ensure the right calibration under different circumstances).

*Time Weighted Average (TWA) ambient CO2 concentration over time as well as Short Term Exposure Limits (STEL)

Adaptable platforms

Most of our OEM customers need  ready to install products and solutions. You will find your solutions on one of five Adaptable Platforms where we can start our journey together. You can buy our sensors as stand alone (Sensor Core), mounted on a pcb (Sensor onBoard) with other functions such as communication, power and other sensors.

You will also find that we have extended warranties when we deliver white label casing (Sensor inCase) with all functions.