Refrigerant gases are essential for commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioners. Managing refrigerants is important from an environmental, regulatory, and financial perspective. The HVAC industry and shifting regulatory priorities are moving towards the use of refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential (GWP). Although these new refrigerants have a low impact on climate change and global warming, they tend to fall under the A2L classification. This means that they are considered mildly flammable and present a potential safety risk. One way to enhance and ensure safety for your employees or residents is by early detecting a leakage of these flammable gases. This will enable you to respond early and take necessary action to prevent accidents and maintain your site operational and safe.

Technical challenge
We understand that this creates a unique technical challenge for our OEM customers when incorporating their HVAC systems with new leak detection sensors. There are several aspects to consider when choosing an optimum and cost-effective solution. Here are three factors we believe can help you determine how well our solution will fit your needs and how it could enhance your operations.

  • Measurement Accuracy
  • The total cost of ownership of the detector
  • Long term reliability

The importance of reliable and accurate readings should not be taking lightly. Immediate alarms of harmful gas leakages can save lives. While you might find other sensors that cost less than ours, it is important to also consider additional expenses that may come with maintaining or replacing a low-cost option.

Thanks to our built-in self-correcting ABC- algorithm we can provide long term measurement stability. This means that we can ensure a life expectancy of at least 15 years with accurate and reliable readings. No maintenance or further calibration is required after initial installation. The investment in a high-quality sensor can in the long run be more valuable and cost-effective than an initial low-cost option.

Our solution is an NDIR-based sensor with LED technology that truly saves power while maintaining high precision. Containing electronics with no moving parts also makes this sensor robust and resistant to vibrations. An environment with explosion risk is highly benefitted by the solid state design.

This unique sensor can specifically target and measure selected A2L refrigerant gas leaks. Our sensing platform can then communicate an alert, or directly engage in mitigation methods or shut-down procedures.

Our A2L leakage detector sensors ensures UL60079-29-2 compliance, and furthermore provide these qualities: 

  • Fast Response Time; < 10 Seconds
  • Limited Measurement Impact due to Temperature or rH Changes
  • Immunity to Poisoning