Aranet4 – Senseair Sunrise inside

Aranet4 by SAF Tehnika is an innovative battery-powered stand-alone wireless air quality sensor. Inside this popular product you find our CO2 sensor Senseair Sunrise.

Aranet4 monitores CO2, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure for your home, school, office, and other indoor environments. The device is portable, simple to install, and easy to operate. It has an innovative e-ink display to show the current readings with a visual traffic light indicator and audial alarm to notify you when the air quality unhealthy.

Studies have shown that increased indoor CO2 concentration can lead to up to 50% loss in cognitive abilities [1], poor sleep quality[2], weakened immune system [3] and many more adverse effects on the human body.

CO2 concentration can also be used as a proxy to evaluate the risk of COVID19 and other airborne disease transmission. Sufficient ventilation is necessary to remove contagious aerosols – small droplets released when coughing, sneezing, talking, singing, or shouting by an infectious person.[4] Aranet4 will tell you whether the current air exchange rate is sufficient, or should action be taken to mitigate the risks (e.g., opening of windows, turning on mechanical ventilation systems)

Aranet4 comes with an easy-to-use Bluetooth app for viewing graphs of historical data, data export and configuration.



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