Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) is the gas Senseair first fell in love with. Its presence significantly impacts life as we understand it, and through its analysis and comprehension, we can extract crucial data across various applications.

What is there not to love?


No compromise

Throughout the design of our Sunrise family of sensors there has been no compromise when it comes to measurement performance. We are proud of the result – a modern, robust solid-state design with an unmatched accuracy.

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Sunlight CO₂

Our most power efficient sensor

Sunlight CO₂, or lovingly nicknamed “the potato sensor” for its ability to be powered off just a few potatoes, is our most power efficient CO₂ sensor to date. It’s ideal for battery operation, or why not solar or even wireless power operation?

But power efficiency is not all, it also happens to be remarkably reliable and accurate as well!

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“The most beautiful gas to measure is carbon dioxide, because it has a very isolated and nice colour in the infrared.”

– Henrik Rödjegård, Senseair CTO & Research Manager

CO₂ & space

The Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang talks about the importance of controlled CO₂ levels when living in space.


The de-facto standard

The S8 revolutionized the HVAC sensor market and its interface, i.e., pinning, became a de-facto standard in the industry. The S8 family remains one of our most popular sensors due to its performance and proven quality, all in a package that has been optimized and refined over the years.
The sensors have been imitated and replicated in multiple markets—a testament we consider the highest form of praise.

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Our famous K-series with its flexible optics concept are trusted by customers all over the world. It can cope with a wide range of measurement ranges (0-30%), and comes in a wide range of variants with casings or on different boards.


Explore the K30 an its siblings in the K-series.


One gas, limitless applications