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New features added to Senseair Wall

Senseair Wall offers three levels of ID security during testing: Level 1: Optional RFID card or another...

Our support handles questions regarding the alcohol sensor and spread of infection

Those using our wall-mounted system know that it is touchless. We refrain from commenting on the risk of...

He drove under the influence of alcohol for 20 years without ever getting caught…

Our touchless alcohol sensors are now in use by several major and smaller entities in Sweden and the USA....

IT security and GDPR, Senseair SafeStart

Here’s a document concerning IT security and GDPR compliance.

DADSS, The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety Research Program

Within the DADSS program Senseair is inventing a world without drunk driving. Learn more about the...

Sensor in Vehicles

Watch our video about alcohol detection in cars.