Custom Core Development

Our adaptable platforms are normally a good start when you are looking for an air & gas sensor. But if you have needs beyond that we might still be able to help you. Under a mutual confidentially agreement we can openly evaluate possibilities, find the optimum solution and how to finance the work. Under each title you will find different levels of development and some good examples from the real world. 


1. Help us understand your application
Describe your application and specific requirements as well as environmental conditions. Sketches or photos of the intended sensor integration in your system are helpful.

2. Then we examine the possibilities
Senseair starts a selection of suitable solutions for your gas sensing need and contacts you with a proposal of the different options

3. Let’s meet!
In a personal meeting, we discuss together different solutions and options such as Sensor Core, Sensor onBoard and Sensor inCase and determine the best way forward. We encourage you to visit our development & manufacturing site for better understanding of our technology and production capacity.

4. Jointly we plan
Together we develop a timeline for the realization of your product. The plan includes all testing, and your product approval for the first production run and if required, external certification. We agree on the business case, how we can share risks and manage cost.

5. Let’s get this done
We design the new product and perform tests to ensure successful implementation. The product will be released after your successful inspection.

6. We start production
After approvals, we start the first production run. We monitor the volume ramp-up and request your continuous feedback on product quality and delivery performance.