Minor hardware change


Many applications can be served by simple adaptions of the functions that are already implemented in the sensors. Such adaptations can be realized without any additional release tests and administration since it was already covered in the initial product release. 

Together we will find out the most efficient way to adjust our sensors to your application and your need at a minimum cost.

One of our design engineers will perform the product change within the limits of the sensor and check that the sensor still operates within its tested and specified range.



A customer wanted to optimize the ventilation in subway trains using closed loop control of carbon dioxide. Normally the automatic calibration that compensate for sensor drift operate on an 8-day period since most office buildings have a one week cycle in population, but subway trains operate every day of the week. Instead they are taken out for maintenance once a day. Hence our customer needed a 48-hour period for the automatic drift correction.

The time change as well as a new maximum rate for drift compensation was implemented by one of our own software engineers. The change was also found to be within the normal operation of the sensor.

Since it was a minor adaption and the customer agreed to buy a certain volume it was no additional cost for the customer.