iNose - About life and death

Read the stort of how BlueSensors in less than a year went from idea to having the first batch of iNose, a highly sophisticated sensor combination product, delivered and ready for the market.

False alarms cost a lot of money. Most people do not die from the fire itself, but from monoxide poisoning, something that most optical fire detectors react to far too late. 

In this casing, you will find a CO, CO2 and heat sensor connected into a network. With the right logarithms, it will only alarm and start a sprinkler system when there is a real fire. The idea and the technical solution is made at Blue Sensors, and we are proud that they trusted us to complete with a casing design and deliver the whole Sensor inCase.

The example we will show here is by itself an obvious reason for you to trust iNose. It is a fire alarm that is sold with the argument: No alarm without fire, that is a bold statement. iNose from Blue Sensors is a highly sophisticated sensor combination. An error-free sensor system must be just that, free of errors.

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Pär Nordin

Pär Nordin

Executive Sales Director

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Blue Sensors testimonial

"I have been working since 2000 on the development of advanced fire detection systems. Since 2014, a new sensor system with NDIR sensors has been developed. After several years of development, we achieved the breakthrough with a highly stable and error-free system with the Senseair S8. This resulted in the product iNose. It has excellent properties and has the potential not only to replace the obsolete generation of smoke detectors but also to serve the industry 4.0 level. Since the Blue Sensors GmbH is just a small company, I was looking for a professional partner. With Senseair we could build a partnership for mutual benefit. In just a few months, the series production could be implemented. For the market entry, this is particularly important, as a product can be manufactured and put on the market according to certified processes. 

This created an excellent prerequisite for us to realize the cross-regional and international market entry. Working with Senseair was effective and professional in all areas. Especially pleasant was the trusting relationship with each other. Only in this way was the implementation in the areas of product manufacturing (including housing development), marketing and sales realized so quickly. I have never met such a good cooperation in Germany. I thank Senseair for the excellent support."

Blue Sensors GmbH
CEO Dr. Christoph Burghardt

Short leadtime in reality

June 2017

Dr Christoph Burghardt from Blue Sensors met the Senseair representative at Sensor&Test in June 2017. He was already buying our Sensor Core, and assembly was made with a supplier that could not calibrate the sensors after assembly.

October 2017

In October 2017, Christoph came to the Senseair factory in Delsbo. There, he decided to give us a chance. A non-disclosure agreement was signed. 

December 2017

Started to share information about board design.

January 2018

Senseair had all the information needed for production. In a meeting in Düsseldorf, the contract was signed.

February 2018

During February 2018, different prototypes of the design were tested. Manufacturing design was also developed at the same time.

March 2018

In March 2018, the final design was approved, the casting tool was made shortly thereafter.

April 2018

The first batch of 300 detectors was delivered.

A checklist on how our cooperation might work

1. Help us understand your application

Describe your application and specific requirements as well as environmental conditions. Sketches or photos of the intended sensor integration in your system are helpful.

2. We examine the possibilities

Senseair starts a selection of suitable solutions for your gas sensing need, and contacts you with a proposal of different options.

 3. Let’s meet!

In a personal meeting, we discuss different solutions and options such as Sensor Core, Sensor onBoard and Sensor inCase and determine the best way forward. We encourage you to visit our development & manufacturing site for a better understanding of our technology and production capacity.

4. Jointly,weplan
Together, we develop a timeline for the realization of your product. The plan includes all testing, your product approval for the first production run and, if required, external certification. We agree on the business case, how we can share risks and manage cost.

5. Let’s get this done!

We design the new product and perform tests to ensure successful implementation. The product will be released after your inspection and approval.

6. We start production

After approvals, we start the first production run. We monitor the volume ramp-up and request your continuous feedback on product quality and delivery performance.