Safety Alarms

We experience many situations that can develop into potentially lethal scenarios daily. Carbon dioxide might be believed to be harmless only to the environment, not humans, but CO₂ can be fatal in high concentrations. To further complicate the matter, it is also difficult to detect, since it is both odorless and colorless.

Why measure CO2 to prevent accidents?

Measurements of CO concentration in the air can detect a fire quicker and more accurately than fire alarms detect smoke or flames. Since smoke normally consists of soot and asphyxiating gases, it is vital to alarm at an early stage in order to prevent the damage that can occur to the human body when smoke is inhaled. 

Many issues must be addressed for people to be able to work safely in a mine. One of the issues is the ventilation of the mine, as there are many potentially toxic and explosive gases involved. If the ventilation is poor it can lead to carbon dioxide poisoning, since CO is a heavy gas and mines usually have limited space. Measuring CO in all areas by attaching portable alarms to the workers can help detect dangerously high concentrations of CO in time. 

Using kerosene heaters in a small and tight room can be a great risk if the CO concentration rises too much. There are small alarm sensors available, that automatically shut off the heater when the carbon dioxide level becomes dangerous, for example >7,000 ppm. A similar technique can be used for controlling small ventless gas logs or alcohol-powered flueless fireplaces.

For companies that use large tanks of CO, it is essential that there are detectors connected to the tanks to enhance safety and be able to respond quickly to a leak. Measuring the gas saves time and money for the company and provides a safe working environment for its employees. By monitoring the CO, the environment is also protected from potentially large leaks of CO into the atmosphere due to unprotected bottles or leaks. 

The volume of air in a vehicle is limited and, in some cases, it can lead to a build up of high levels of CO. High levels of the gas can cause drowsiness in the vehicle occupants, which could potentially lead to major traffic accidents. This can be avoided by measuring the CO with a sensor that is connected to the air conditioner of the car, which will lead to healthy air for the driver. 

Good ventilation at work is essential in order to feel good and to perform well, and it can be achieved by measuring the CO concentration. For example, in classrooms, where the level of activity varies, it is essential that the ventilation accommodates for that variation. If the sensor detects a level of CO that is too high, it can automatically send an alarm signal or adjust the air setting. 


Key Benefits:

  • Energy savings
  • Healthy indoor environment
  • Environmental protection