NDIR Technology

We have over 30 years of NDIR experience and continuously reinvest into our R&D department. We see ourselves as educators to a large extent and regularly publish our findings and information here.

How do Senseair NDIR sensors work?

Inside our sensors

The ABC of Senseair

To make sure you don’t have to calibrate and re-calibrate our sensors over and over, we have developed a feature we named Automatic Baseline Calibration, or ABC for short. It enables our sensors to become true set it and forget it devices that can operate reliably for years on end by calibrating its baseline to the lowest sampled value during a set timeframe.

The Senseair ABC-algorithm


Platinum EQC

When designing NDIR sensors, coatings and materials play a crucial role and deeply affect the performance of the unit. Platinum Eternal Quality Coating has been central to our sensors since 2010 and optimizes their sensitivity, selectivity, and longevity.

Our rationale


Incredible lifespan, immunity to poisoning, energy efficiency, accuracy… The list goes on and that’s why we love NDIR. We believe NDIR is the most flexible and robust gas sensing technology there is.

Inside our sensors

Single Beam vs Dual Beam

When developing NDIR sensors you’re bound to face certain crossroads. For example whether to use dual or single beam technology. We’ve chosen to go down the path of single beam sensors as we can counteract what we believe to be its downsides with some clever engineering.

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