New features added to Senseair Wall

Senseair Wall offers three levels of ID security during testing:

Level 1: Optional RFID card or another tag is used to start the test.

Suitable for manned access:

  • A workplace where everyone must be tested before entering or performing a task (driving vehicles/cranes, etc.).
  • Influx of subcontractors/contractors with unregistered cards.
  • Acceptance of identification before conducting the test.

Level 2: A registered RFID card or tag is used to start the test.

Suitable for manned or unmanned access:

  • Requirement for everyone who “checks in” to be registered.
  • Optional requirement for “checking out” with a test.

Level 3: An RFID card or tag is used to start the test, and the camera takes a photo of the test.

Suitable for unmanned access on larger worksites:

  • Requirement for increased security so that no one can breathe for someone else.
  • The test cannot be performed if the camera does not “see” a face.

If you choose the camera function:

  • The camera takes a sequence of 10 images during sampling, available in the Dashboard.
  • The images are then saved for 14 days (like all other data).
  • The camera and software only detect if it is a face, so it is not “Face recognition.”

If you choose to disable the camera:

  • The default setting in all devices is that the camera is not activated.
  • All devices are equipped with a camera, but the filter cover lacks a hole so that it cannot “see.”

Integration with your system:

  • Safe Start Flex can become your “clock in sober” for real (e.g., SJ).
  • The system can also send alarms for failed tests to a security company-managed alarm system (e.g., Tempest).
  • Safe Start can trigger a system that prints a driving order (e.g., GUB).
  • Safe Start can send user ID, timestamp, and results in a format specified by you to your server with the security you desire.”