Are you working at home? Feeling a little tired?

Are you working at home? Feeling a little tired? Is your head spinning? Open a window and clean your inlets! I measured the CO2 in my teenagers’ room and it was up to 2,000 ppm, and that is really not good! We live in a house built in 1962 and ventilation is not great. BUT there is one thing we did, and that you can do too: when you clean the house, put the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner at the inlets for air, usually a small slot that can be opened and closed. Best of all is if you can open the whole thing and clean the parts. You will be surprised! If you are more than one person working at home all day, count on worse air conditions. At work, most people have commercial standards with CO2 sensors that regulate the ventilation (most of you don´t know it but Senseair has about 6,000,000 sensors in commercial buildings out there). At home, you could let the kitchen fan run on the lowest setting during the day. If you want to buy a great sensor for home use, try Airthings - they have our sensor plus radon detector!