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We will help you create successful solutions for your market, no matter if it aims to improve indoor air quality, extend the range of your car, build intelligence into your alarm product, or save lives related to drunk driving. We don't compete with you; we use our tried and tested technology to improve your unique solution with your own brand. Our concept is divided into three simple steps - from sensor core to a complete inCase solution with all its intelligence.


Configuration comparison chart

  Sensor Core Sensor onBoard Sensor inCase
Sensor Core Product Development
Mass production
4 point calibration
12 months warranty
Board design  
One board  
12 months full warranty  
Risk management    
Complete product design    
5-year full warranty      


Choose your Sensor Core platform

Choose your sensor core from our five adaptable platforms and set your gas sensing options. Pick the platforms that are closest to your needs. Finer adjustments will be done at a later stage. Is it the size that is your most critical factor, or is it perhaps the power consumption? Don't worry if you don't find a platform that fulfils all your needs - it is always possible to tweak the settings. We have a special custom core development team for that.

Flexible solutions

Our adaptable platforms are normally a good start when you are looking for an air & gas sensing solution. Being solution-oriented, we hate to say no. If needed, have a special Custom core development team that will help you tweak our platforms to fit your needs. As long as you order the product, we'll keep producing it. We will never give you the answer: “Sorry, the product is discontinued”.


All of our adaptable platforms are maintenance-free thanks to the built-in, self-correcting ABC-algorithm. ABC stands for Automatic Baseline Correction - a Senseair self-calibration function for achieving maintenance-free gas sensors. That results in our sensors having a life expectancy of at least 15 years. Also, they do not require any further calibration when used in normal indoor air applications. Looking for a reference? Our sensor has been operating at the Kremlin for more than 20 years.

Product Development

When working with us, you will find that a third of our staff is dedicated to development and design. Over time, two factors have been beneficial to our customers: size and price. There is always a wish for the best possible performance-to-price ratio. When you choose one of the adaptable platforms, there might be some adaptation needed. Since we originally started out designing sensors with infrared technology, you can rest assured that we know our science. You can also rest assured that you will work with a hungry company that will provide the best and the smallest sensors delivering the most accurate measurements.

High volumes with extensive quality control

Your sensor is made in a factory automated for large quantities (between 1-2 million units/year). Smaller quantities are semi-automated with a dedicated staff. All production is executed in a controlled ESD protected environment. The secret to producing an infrared sensor is precision and control. Every single sensor has to deliver the exact result. A big part of our production line is calibration and control. We can trace each individual sensor, and each step is logged against tools, calibration processes, and packaging.  

4-point calibration

Every sensor is normally calibrated in four different steps, to make sure it performs under different gas concentrations and in extreme temperatures. Sensors for outdoor or extreme environments are calibrated according to specifications. Some will take a week to run through different environments (e.g. ocean transportation).

Important to keep in mind when you compare sensors: Always check how the calibration is done! Most producers only calibrate with one concentration and one temperature, e.g. 21°C. The result is that you only get accurate measurements at 21°C. With four-point calibration, the accuracy will prevail in the entire temperature span.


A core sensor is hardware and software in one unit. There are two levels of programming: the basic software that tells the sensor what to do and how to do it, and the customer adaptation programming (e.g. signal voltage). As a developer, you can order the Senseair development kit. You can also use our free software UIP5 to set up and adjust the sensors. 

12-month warranty

You will be able to read our terms and conditions the day we do business. In short, we have a quality management system that ensures high quality and durability, but if some defect should appear due to a mistake or failure on our part, we will substitute those sensors for new ones.

Let us be clear on one thing: when you buy a calibrated sensor and then start to mount it, there are risks that the calibration will change due to heat etc., or a board design that does not allow the right airflow. This is the reason we strongly recommend our Sensor onBoard service: the responsibility falls more on our table. If you decide to create a complete inCase solution, we can offer you 5 years warranty. 


Add features to your Sensor onBoard

Our sensor cores are undoubtedly high-tech, but to actually be able to get something out of them, you need to add some features. Here is your chance to add all the things that will make your product unique. Choose between different types of communications, add your display, select a temperature sensor, etc.


When you are finished, it is time for our development team to start their job. 30 years of experience have taught us what to look for when designing an infrared sensor onto a board. There are a few factors to consider:

  • Airflow to the sensor
  • Heat from the sensor
  • EMC
  • Other sensors
  • Size
  • Environment
  • Production design (automation etc.)
  • Application and target (e.g. small size)
  • Insulation - wiring 

One Board

By designing your board together with Senseair, you make sure you just get one board. If you decide to design your own, you might instead end up with two boards (one for our sensor core and one for the features). When we deliver Sensor onBoard, it is all integrated into one.

Risk Management

Building an infrared sensor is not rocket science; the critical factor is a high-precision manufacturing process and calibration. And calibration again. We have customers that use a Senseair Sensor Core and successfully install it onto their own board. But when something goes wrong, there are many factors to consider.

When you order a Sensor onBoard from us, the warranties are extended and the risk on your behalf is diminished. When we design and manufacture, there is only one responsible actor and that is us. Equally important - the calibration and the tests are performed after the board is manufactured. 


You will be able to read our terms and conditions the day we do business. In short, if some defect due to our own failures or mistakes arises within 12 months, we will substitute failed sensors with new ones.


Design your Sensor inCase

It is time for the last step - the design of your case. You can choose from our preset colours and shapes or make your own. Need help? We have a dedicated design team to help you out. 


Most sensors control the environment, alert and/or start a line of action. Today, you will find a broader engagement and concern about air quality among people. All of us working in this business need to provide information that is easy to understand. Today's design is about connectivity, relation-building, interactivity, and trust. You can build the most beautiful app or gadget, but it is still the reliable information that is the true sign of a worthwhile product.

We make sure the sensor gets the right conditions to work from (e.g. protection circuits etc.). In addition, the design needs to work well with installations and the handling of the sensor unit.

Last, and just as important, the customer experience. When it comes to tailor-made design, we work together with you and make sure the look and function correspond to your company's look and feel. 

5-year warranty

When you order Sensor inCase, we have full control of the whole production, therefore we can provide a 5-year warranty (for indoor applications). 

Ask for a quote on your selected options

Good job! You are one step closer to your solution, based on world-leading gas sensing technology.

When we have received your e-mail, we will start examining the possibilities and will get back to you with an estimate. If you want to proceed after that, it is time for us to get to know each other better. Under a mutual confidentially agreement, we can openly evaluate possibilities and you can describe your application and specific requirements as well as environmental conditions. 

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