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Why Sensor onBoard?

A sensor mounted with all functionality included

What is included if you order a Sensor onBoard? And why should you do it? A sensor that is calibrated after it is mounted on a circuit board will perform better than one that has been handled after calibration. This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend you to look at this option. Sensor onBoard is about combining our sensors with other sensors and other functions (e.g. power, output, communication).

Board design with a gas sensor brings the design to another level. It is about air flow, heat, and associated factors that affect measurements.

Last but not least, you can concentrate on your own core business.


The four reasons why you should go for Sensor onBoard

Learn More About Why Sensor onBoard?

Why Sensor onBoard?

30 years of experience have taught us what to look for when designing an infrared sensor onto a board. There are a few factors to look for:

  • Airflow to the sensor
  • Heat from the sensor
  • EMC
  • Other sensors
  • Size
  • Environment (coating?)
  • Production design (automation etc.)
  • Application and target (i.e. small size)
  • Insulation - wiring


Why Sensor onBoard?

This picture shows a Sensor Core (K30) that needs its own board (not all sensor cores do). When you design your own board, you will end up with two boards. When we deliver Sensor onBoard, it is all integrated.

Why Sensor onBoard?

Building an infrared sensor is not rocket science; the critical factor is a high-precision manufacturing process and calibration. And calibration again.

We have many customers that buy the Sensor Core and successfully install it onto their own board. But when something goes wrong, there are many factors to consider.

When you order a Sensor onBoard from us, the warranties are extended and the risk on your behalf is minimised.

When we design and manufacture, we are the only ones responsible, and, most importantly, the calibration and the tests are performed after the board is manufactured (did we mention that before?).

Why Sensor onBoard?

12-month warranty


You will be able to read our terms and conditions the day we do business, but, in short, we have a quality system that ensures that we do not need to exchange failed deliveries. 

If a defect shows up within 12 months due to our own failures or mistakes, we will exchange faulty sensors for new ones. To be clear, when you buy a calibrated sensor and then start to mount it, there are risks that the calibration will change due to e.g. heat, or a board design that does not allow the correct air flow. This is the reason we strongly recommend our Sensor onBoard service. Thereby, the responsibility falls more on us.

Configure your own solution

There are three simple steps from Sensor Core to a finished inCase solution. Choose your adaptable platforms and add all the features you need.


Choose your Sensor Core platform


Add features to your Sensor onBoard


Design your Sensor inCase