Our support handles questions regarding the alcohol sensor and spread of infection

Those using our wall-mounted system know that it is touchless.

We refrain from commenting on the risk of infection and leave this to the experts. But if we are to clarify the term touchless, it means that:

  • You can scan the card from 3-5 cm away.
  • You can breathe towards the sensor from 3-5 cm away.
  • You do not need to touch anything to activate it.

Those who have installed our sensors in vehicles have employed various solutions, some of which may require users to lift the handheld device from its holder. Our advice is, whenever possible, try to check into the system using the wall-mounted unit that most customers have installed where drivers gather.

For those who clean or want to disinfect our devices with surface disinfectant, we can confidently say that it is simply a matter of cleaning. Our sensor is not degraded by alcohol (unlike fuel cell-based meters). Please wait for 30 minutes after cleaning so that the cleaning alcohol does not become part of the test.

If you wash your hands with hand sanitizer, keep your hands away from your mouth, as alcohol can accompany your exhalation during the test. In such cases, the test may be positive. How the company reacts depends on their policy, but usually, they retest after 5 minutes.

If you need to change filters in the units, we recommend using protective gloves and cleaning according to the recommendations of the health protection agency.

About how the sensor works: Our sensor includes a fan system that ventilates the equipment to neutralize the air between each test. From our perspective, this is an advantage from an infection control standpoint. An infrared beam measures the alcohol content in exhaled air and compares it with another measuring point that measures CO2, which is mainly what we exhale.