CO2 PCB K85 measures CO2 concentration in ambient air, with additional options for measuring temperature and allows flexible connectivity.

Defining attributes

  • High accuracy
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • Prepared for: - Terminals Thermistor - Slide potentiometer (Temperature) - Override for forcing ventilation

K85 reuses the core sensor optics from the S8 module, but comes pre-assembled on a robust PCB-board with industrial standard analogue outputs, e.g. 0 to 10V and 4 to 20mA and wide input voltage tolerance with reverse polarity protection.

Pin layout for additional connectors and terminals allow for further options; e.g. thermistor for temperature and potentiometer for temperature offsets. The article is prepared to be mounted in an suitable enclosure as a wall-mounted or duct-mounted transmitter.

Article number 085-0-0001
Operating principle Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Measured gas CO₂
Measurement range 0 - 2,000 ppm
Accuracy ±40 ppm ±3% of reading (@ 15-35°C, 20-70%RH (non condensing) (For additional tolerances, download product specification)
Operating range RH <95 % RH
Operation range °C <50 °C
Warm-up time ≤1 min
Response time <2 min
Power supply 12 - 24 V
Peak current
Average current TBA
Outputs 2x Analogue
Compliance TBA
Maintenance Maintenance free
Life expectancy 15 years
Dimensions 88 x 50 x 14 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 25 g
Storage conditions -20-70 °C

Disclaimer : Please refer to product specification for the complete technical details.