Sunlight R32

Refrigerant leakage detectors are increasingly a requirement in air conditioners, particularly in the North American market. We now present Senseair’s Sunlight R32 for HC-R applications to address this need while complying with IEC standard 60079-29-1 and sensor element part at IEC 60335-2-40 and UL 60335-2-40.

The NDIR technique featured in Senseair’s Sunlight products ensures that the sensor is immune against poisoning, and the optical solid-state design makes it physically robust and resistant to vibrations. With our automatic baseline correction, you can install and forget your sensor during its whole lifetime of more than 15 years, and it will still be accurate.

Defining attributes

  • Immunity to poisoning
  • Maintenance free
  • Long-term stability and accuracy
  • Long lifetime
  • Miniature form factor
  • Fast response time
  • Very low power consumption

We at Senseair believe in quality and accuracy. When it comes to gas measurements, you want a sensor that you can always trust – without the need for maintenance. Equipped with a self-correcting algorithm (ABC: Automatic Baseline Correction), you can mount your Sunlight sensor and then leave it alone for 15 years while maintaining a robust system. Our Sunlight sensors are optimized for battery and wireless applications, or in places where you need a reliable and secure sensor with a long life.

Senseair’s Sunlight R32 can be used in a wide range of refrigerant applications. Using LED as the light source and a photodiode in the sensor section ensures highly safe operation of equipment that uses a mildly flammable refrigerant (R32).

Article number 009-4-0001
Operating principle Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Measured gas R32, R454A, R454B, R454C
Measurement range 0-50 LFL
Accuracy Extended range ±5% LFL
Operating range RH <95 % RH
Operation range °C -40 - 70 °C
Warm-up time TBA
Response time TBA
Power supply 3.05 - 5.5 V
Peak current 95 mA
Average current 84mA
Communication I2C, UART
Outputs TBA
Compliance IEC 60079-29-1
IEC 60335-2-40
UL 60335-2-40
Maintenance Periodic Zero calibration or ABC Calibration
Life expectancy >15 years
Dimensions 34 x 21 x 12 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 5 g
Storage conditions -40 – 85°C

Disclaimer : Please refer to product specification for the complete technical details.

Article number Product Description
009-4-0001 Sunlight R32 Refrigerant sensor with fast response time and long lifetime
006-1-0100 Sunlight CO₂ Refrigerant sensor with fast response time and long lifetime

Product Product number
Sunrise & Sunlight Evaluation Kit 00-0-0108