Continually improving and working with LEAN principles, our modern automated production has a capacity of 4,2 million sensors per year, offering full traceability of all units.

Senseair's air and gas sensing technology include highly advanced and complex sensor products composed of many carefully chosen details. Years of product development, design, and testing close to the technological forefront have made Senseair a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance air and gas sensing technology.

OTD 98-99%

Your sensor is made in a factory automated for large quantities (up to 4,2 million units/year). Smaller quantities are made on a semi-automated production line. Here, you will find a dedicated staff where many have been with us for decades.

    • Our On-Time Deliveries (OTD) rate is 98-99% (committed)
    • The rate for deliveries on the requested date is 96-97%

This is made possible thanks to a well-developed, lean production.

Return rate <500 PPM

The secret when producing an infrared sensor is about precision and control. Every single sensor has to deliver the exact result.

A big part of our production line is calibration and control (read more about our 4 point calibration)

All key components are traceable throughout production and delivery.

When a change is made in production (i.e. product revision or new order) it is always confirmed with a 1st pass approval.


  • All operators are trained on each operation
  • All staff must have ESD training before visiting production area
  • All waste/scrap are reviewed and Kaizen improvement team formed if needed
  • Only staff approved in IPC-610A training are allowed to solder
  • All units go through final testing before packaging 


  • Traceability of all key components
  • All data from all test and configurations are stored for future investigations
  • All SMD outsourced
  • Semi-manual assembly of optics
  • Soldering and Gluing automated
  • Capacity approximately 1,500 per shift
  • Production averaging around 1,000 per shift
  • Box build of own - and customer branded enclosures
  • All assembly is manual
  • All products go through final test before packaging​

 Final configuration and Calibration

  • Three calibration chambers in production
  • Can do temperatures between -20 and + 80 degree C
  • Humidity between 40 - 95 RH
  • Multiple point calibration of each sensor
  • Tested in different concentrations of CO2, 200 ppm up to 30%
  • All data captured and stored for future references
  • Total capacity of 12,000 sensors per day