LP8 pin headers

Miniature CO2 sensor module for battery-powered applications. A wide supply voltage range enables a variety of battery options.

  • Miniature size
  • Adjustable ABC period
  • Low power consumption
  • Variety of battery options

Senseair LP8 is a miniature sensor module which targets battery-powered applications. It gives customer a full control on sensor integration into a host system, flexibility in changing of the CO2 measurement period and consequently power consumption. One measurement requires only 3.6mC of charge (or energy 11.9mJ at 3.3V battery supply). The sensor is supposed to be switched off between measurements to minimise power consumption. A wide 2.9 to 5.5V supply voltage range enables long duty if sensor is powered from three alkaline 1.5V batteries. A compact alternative is to power sensor from a single 3.6V Li-SOCl2 battery. The LP8 provides a communication protocol which allows customer changing measurement period on the fly and control ABC (Automatic Baseline Correction) period. Background- and zero calibrations are implemented.

Product number


Operating Principle

Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

Measured gas

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Measurement range CO2

0 to 2,000 ppm (extended range up to 10,000 ppm)


±50 ppm CO2 ±3 % of reading 1,4

RMS noise CO2

14 ppm at 400 ppm at 25°C

25 ppm at 1,000 ppm at 25°C

Accuracy temperature



8 mm x 33 mm x 20 mm

Life Expectancy

> 15 years

Operation temperature range

0 to 50°C

Power supply

2.9 to 5.5 V

Peak current

125 mA at 25°C

Shutdown current

1 µA 2,3

Charge per measurement

3.6 MC

Energy per measurement

11.9 mJ at 3.3V

Average current having

- 16 second measuring period

- 60 second measuring period

- 120 second measuring period

225 μA 2,3

61 μA 2,3

31 μA 2,3

CO2 measurement period

≥16 s


UART, host-slave protocol

Product Product number

LP8 with pin headers


LP8 without pin headers


Product Product number

SADK (Senseair Development Kit) for LP8