Sunlight CO2

An extremely power efficient NDIR CO2 sensor

Sunlight is optimal for battery and wireless applications. Compliant with ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022, RESET grad B and WELL Building Standard® (WELL v2™)​.

  • Extremely power efficient
  • Miniature size
  • Self Correcting
  • High Precision
  • LED technology
  • Compliant with ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022,
  • Compliant with Standard RESET grad B
  • Compliant with WELL Building Standard® (WELL v2™)​.

We at Senseair believe in quality and accuracy. When it comes to gas measurements, you want a sensor that you can always trust - without the need for maintenance. Equipped with a self-correcting algorithm (ABC: Automatic Baseline Correction), you can mount your Sunlight sensor and then leave it alone for 15 years while maintaining a robust system. Our Sunlight sensors are optimized for battery and wireless applications, or in places where you need a reliable and secure sensor with a long life. 

Using LED as the light source, ultra low power consumption no longer has to come at the cost of accuracy. 

Standard specification


Product number 006-1-0100
Measured gas Carbon Dioxide
Operating principle Non-dispersive infrared
Measurement range (CO2) 400–5,000 ppm. Extended range 10,000 ppm
Accuracy (CO2) ±50 ppm ±3% of reading, extended range ±10% of reading 1,2 
Average current

30µA or lower - please see table below

Peak current

<80 mA
 Steady state current during sampling
50 mA
Measurement period
Default: 16 s, 8 samples (adjustable by host)
Power supply 3.05-5.5 V 3
Dimensions 34 x 21 x 12 mm
Weight 5 g
Life expectancy >15 years
Operation range 0–50°C, 0-85% RH
Storage temperature -40 – 70°C
Communication interface UART, I2C


Note 1: 15 – 35 °C, 0 – 80%RH, after 3 ABC (Automatic Baseline Correction) periods and default measurements settings.
Note 2:  Specification is referenced to uncertainty of calibration gas mixtures (±1%).
Note 3: Unprotected against surges and reverse power supply polarity.



Average current (typical), at continuous and single measurement mode respectively: 


Measurement period 2 samples 8 samples 32 samples
  Cont Single Cont Single Cont Single
16 sec 22µA   30µA      
1 min 18µA 7µA 20µA 16µA 30µA 22µA
5 min 16µA 1µA 17µA 3µA 19µA 4µA


Product number

Senseair Sunlight CO2




Product number

Sunrise and Sunlight Evaluation Kit 00-0-0108

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