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Senseair Sunrise Automotive

A new generation NDIR sensors for automotive


Electronics with no moving parts make this sensor robust and resistant to vibrations, which is ideal for automotive applications. Any application in a demanding environment or in environments with explosion risk is benefitted by the solid state design. 



Thanks to the next generation LED technology, Senseair Sunrise has ultra-low power consumption: 6 times lower than other low power NDIR sensors on the markets. Average current 38μA 2.


There is a fundamental relationship between invested power and measurement resolution in all electronic sensors. The more electrical energy you invest in the measurement, the more accurate the reading will be. Therefore, it is a challenge to obtain high-resolution measurements using a low power sensor. Sunrise is the first NDIR sensor with LED technology that truly saves power while maintaining high precision. Accuracy (CO2) highest of ±200 ppm or ±10% (0 – 50°C) or ±20% (-40 – 50 – 85°C).


Mount and forget your sensor for the next 15 years and it will still be accurate, thanks to the built-in self-correcting ABC algorithm. Senseair has used Automatic Baseline Correction for three decades. Around 6 million sensors are providing data every millisecond, and, every 180 hour, they will calibrate themselves. With wireless applications, it will be even more important to rely on a sensor that you can mount and forget. Sunrise will continue the line of success.


Since we are staying away from any manufacturing steps that require human handling, the design of the sensor is made to optimise the manufacturing process. The production line is fully automated and the calibration is made in four different steps.


Sunrise can be delivered as a sensor core - calibrated and ready to mount. However, you will find more advantages in our other packages: Sensor onBoard and Sensor inCase. As the names suggest, we will design and manufacture the board with the sensor or ready-to-use packaging. The advantage is that calibration can be made after the sensor has been mounted, and that comes with extended warranties. We will also take responsibility for the design to be optimized around the sensor function (airflow, etc.).


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Sunrise Automotive

  • Optical solid state
  • Ultra Low-Power
  • High precision
  • Robust
  • Mass production
  • Self-calibrating


LED technology has long been a holy grail. The collaboration with Asahi Kasei (AKM), the company that also invented the Lithium Battery, has now made it possible to use the technology with sustained performance. 

Ultra Low Power no longer has to come at the expense of accuracy. Senseair Sunrise Automotive is the new generation NDIR sensor with Optical Solid State technology. Electronics with no moving parts make this sensor robust and resistant to vibrations, which is ideal for automotive applications.


Standard specification

Measured gas

Carbon Dioxide

Operating principle

Non-dispersive infrared

Measurement range (CO2)

 400–10,000 ppm

Accuracy (CO2)

Highest of ±200 ppm or ± 10% (0-50°C)

Highest of ±200 ppm or ± 20% (-40-<0°C, >50-85°C)1,3


Average current

38μA 2, 5

Peak current 


Measurement period 

Adjustable by host, min 2 s (default measurement period 16 s)

Power supply 

3.05-5.5 V 4


33.9 x 20.5 x 11.8 mm


5 g

Life expectancy 

>15 years

Operation range

-40 – 85°C, 0-95% RH

Storage temperature

-40 – 105°C

 Serial communication



Note 1: 0 – 50°C, 0 – 80%RH, after three ABC periods, each period followed by ABC command set in the Calculation Control byte. 

Note 2: Supply voltage 3.3V.

Note 3: Specification is referenced to uncertainty of calibration gas mixtures (±1%).

Note 4: Unprotected against surges and reverse connection

Note 5: Measurement period 16 seconds


Product number

Senseair Sunrise


Senseair Sunrise Automotive


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Product number

Sunrise Evaluation Kit 00-0-0108