Sunrise HVAC

Senseair Sunrise HVAC is our next version of our new generation NDIR sensor with Optical Solid State design. Electronics with no moving parts makes this sensor robust and resistant to vibrations. Any application with a tough environment or in environments with explosion risk is benefited by the solid state design. 

It is the first NDIR sensor with LED technology that truly saves power while maintaining a high precision. 


  • Optical solid state
  • Ultra Low Power
  • High precision
  • Robust
  • Mass production
  • Self-calibrating


The ultra low power consumption makes Sunrise optimal for battery and wireless applications.

The sensor has an accuracy (CO2) ±30 ppm ±3% of reading. Thanks to the built-in self-correcting algorithm you can mount and forget your sensor for the next 15 years and it will still be accurate.


Measured gas Carbon Dioxide
Operating principle Non-dispersive infrared
Measurement range (CO2) 400 – 5,000ppm. Extended range 10,000ppm
Accuracy (CO2) ±30 ppm ±3% of reading 1, 2 (extended range ± 10% of reading)
Average current, typical

34 µA or lower, please see table below

Steady state current during sampling 90mA
Peak current  <125mA
Power supply  3.05 - 5.5 V 3
Dimensions 33.5 x 19.7 x 11.5 mm
Weight 5 g
Life expectancy  >15 years
Operation range 0  50°C, 0 - 85%RH
Storage temperature -40 – 70°C
Communication interface UART, I2C


Note 1: 15 – 35°C, 0 – 80%RH, after three eight-day periods, each period followed by ABC command set in the Calculation Control byte. 

Note 2: Specification is referenced to uncertainty of calibration gas mixtures (±1%).

Note 3: Unprotected against surges and revrse power supply polarity



Average current (typical), at continuous and single measurement mode respectively: 


Measurement period 2 samples 8 samples 32 samples
  Cont Single Cont Single Cont Single
16 sec 22µA   34µA      
1 min 18µA 7µA 21µA 17µA 35µA 27µA
5 min 16µA 1µA 17µA 3µA 20µA 5µA


Product number

Senseair Sunrise HVAC


Senseair Sunrise


Senseair Sunrise

006-0-0002 (No longer available)


Product number

Sunrise Evaluation Kit 00-0-0108

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