Sensors InCloud – Smart LoRaWAN Solutions

If you interested in expanding your knowledge into how connected sensors can further improve your business. Then this webinar is for you.


Join our webinar and learn more about:
– LoRaWAN – what it is and how it works
– The benefits of wireless connected sensors, in the cloud
– Available smart LoRaWAN solutions
– The entire set up process (from start to finish) of how to connect your product
– The different installation options (including how to manage keys)

The IoT revolution and the current pandemic has increased the demand to monitor and control our environment. Sensors are everywhere (in our homes, workplace, public spaces etc.) and have become essential to improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, monitoring air quality, and enhancing workplace safety.

LoRaWAN cloud-based solutions for indoor air quality monitoring provides new, endless possibilities. Equipping buildings with our sensors and connect them to the cloud can add many competitive advantages such as:

  • Improved indoor air quality and workplace productivity
  • Remote access and supervision of an entire fleet of buildings from a single dashboard
  • Easy post (or temporary Covid) installations with battery powered solutions
  • Reduced maintenance cost and long-term savings

Our experts will explore the possibilities available from putting sensors in the cloud. We will explain the concept, the benefits of connected sensors, and showcase available battery powered products. Furthermore, we will demonstrate the entire installation process – from start to finish – of how to connect a device to different networks.

We provide a flexible and open system that is not dependent on any specific service provider. We will show different options; a free system, a customized private system, and a set up with a commercially-available service provider.

Do not miss out on an opportunity to ask your questions and expand your sensor knowledge.