Sensor inCase

Your choice is a solution that spans from sensor core, sensor onBoard and sensor inCase with your design. We can help you to design, manufacture and test your complete product with connectivity (i.e.lora), batteries etc. When we deliver a cased product we offer a five-year warranty.



With Sensor inCase you can reduce the amount of suppliers, your risk and work load. Senseair provides solutions for indoor and outdoor air quality, alcohol detection, alarms, life science and transportations. The reason you would choose our technology you will find in our why Senseair technology?

Traditionally most sensors end up in a “boring” box that tries to be …invisible. We have and still are part of that tradition. But as more users are concerned about the information provided by the sensors, human interaction and case design becomes more important.  You can get your own design and branding directly from us.

Download the "chart" from the film here (pdf)

Sensor Core, Sensor onBoard or Sensor inCase?