New CEO of Senseair

Senseair has appointed Peter Lageson as new CEO of the company from December 1:st, 2016.

Lageson is a strategic and communicative leader with a broad experience from industry, technology and IT/professional services companies. Before joining SenseAir, Lageson most recent served as CEO of Nilar AB and was before that CEO of CrossControl AB from 2008-2013. CrossControl went during that period through major changes with a stronger market focus and significant quality improvements resulting in a substantial increase in sales and profit. He has also had various leadership roles for IBX, a company specialized in sourcing strategy and cloud-based services with a background from Ericsson.

Lageson holds a Master of Science degree from Luleå University of Technology as well as a licentiate degree in industrial economics.

Lageson succeeds interim CEO Lennart Ivarsson who has served SenseAir since 2014. Ivarsson came in as interim CEO and has very successfully stabilized the company, established a well-functioning organization and implemented actions to improve profitability. A strong foundation for growth has been built which gives Lageson a great opportunity to take SenseAir to the next level.

The solid starting point together with the strong experience and expertise of Peter Lageson, enables the company to see very bright at the future.