To be released: Senseair Aercast

Senseair is launching our newest sensor inCase product - Aercast. A battery powered and IoT connected Indoor Air Quality Monitor with four sensors in one housing.

Aercast is an advanced and versatile transmitter designed for installation in the air-conditioned zone. It measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the ambient air accurately without need for additional compensation true read. The data transmits to a BMS system or stand-alone controller using industry standard output signals and communication protocols.


Aercast combines all the necessary elements for effective climate control in commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools and other facilities. Using CO2-monitoring for demand control ventilation (DCV) allows healthy, comfortable and cost-effective environment for the occupants. It is flexible in design with temperature control and combination of humidity control optional. Though suitable for use in many different energy-efficient ventilation strategies, Senseair welcomes any discussions for specific needs.

The product is based on our low power sensor core Sunrise.


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