Ventelligence is finally here

Two market leading companies in collaboration for new product launch. Senseair and Talkpool launching two new IoT connected indoor air quality monitors, securing both energy savings and health benefits: the Explora CO2, temperature and humidity sensor, and the Explora Particles, temperature and humidity sensor, both with LoRaWAN.

A great value of the new products lies in the application of connecting the data to ventilation systems. Frequent input of actual indoor climate conditions into the ventilation systems allows the ventilation system to activate only when necessary and deactivate directly once the ideal indoor climate is established, resulting in large energy savings. Furthermore, the trend for good indoor air quality continues, with facility managers, schoolboards and commercial building owners taking note of the importance of good indoor air quality for both health and productivity benefits, as well as more research and regulations backing them up.

Senseair develops sensors and solutions in the fields of indoor and outdoor air quality, alcohol screening, gas alarms, life science, and automotive. Through partnerships with IoT experts Talkpool, they now release two new IoT indoor air quality sensors. The collaboration means two market leading companies has folded their wise hands together and created a state of the art IAQ monitor with IoT connectivity.

“For us it is very exciting to work with Talkpool, who are on top of the Internet of Things technology and business developments. For many applications of our sensors today, connectivity is an essential part”, says Peter Lageson, CEO at Senseair.

Earlier this week we also finalized the LoRaWAN certification, meaning both devices are now certified officially.

Senseair ExploraCO2: Carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity sensor

The new LoRaWAN CO2 device has been optimized in the aspects of costs and performance. The sensor device supports 5 years of battery life with a transmission interval of 20 minutes. Furthermore, built-in functionality allows for extra transmissions within those 20 minutes, if carbon dioxide levels rise faster than 100 ppm in comparison to the latest transmission. This allows for ventilation systems to adjust to a rapid increase in carbon dioxide.


Senseair ExploraPM2.5: Particles, temperature and humidity sensor

The Explora particle sensor device will measure PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0, being three different sizes of particulate matters, from largest to smallest respectively. The smaller the particles, the more dangerous to human health, as they get stuck deep inside the lungs and even reach the bloodstream. The device is powered by AC, 24V or USB cable so it can support a laser scattering measurement method, through which the device can very accurately measure the amount of particles of each size. Through insights in the amount of particulate matters it can be ensured that air cleaners are functioning properly and that there are sufficient filters in the HVAC systems.

“We greatly enjoy our partnership with Senseair, who bring world-leading expertise about air quality sensing into the solutions”, says Stefan Lindgren, CTO at Talkpool.

The sensor devices have been developed and produced in Sweden, to ensure a high-quality standard. The products will be available in sample volumes by the end of October.