SADK Senseair Development Kit

The SenseAir Development Kit is a configuration and test utility to assist you in your work with our Senseair core products and eSENSE (K50 platform). The program UIP 5 gives you access to the main features of the connected product. You also have the option to configure, log and test the possibilities of most of our engine products.

SADK Senseair Development Kit

Use our Senseair Development Kits together with our UIP5 Software. 

The program enables you to setup and adjust meters produced by Senseair. Using the "User interface program" it's possible to log meter measurements and to control meter functions. It's also possible to save and restore complete meter configurations to/from files.

Product Number Product Additional features
Under development Sunrise Senseair Development kit for our Sunrise
00-0-0012 SADK
Senseair Development Kit for our Flexibility products and eSENSE (K50 platform)
00-0-0107 SADK LP8 Senseair Development Kit for LP8
00-0-0101 SADK S8 Senseair Development Kit for our S8
00-0-0102 SADK S8-4B Senseair Development Kit for our S8-4B