Senseair Aercast

Senseair Aercast is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 IAQ monitor. It measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the ambient air. The measured parameters are conveniently combined into one common indicator – the Senseair Index – describing how your performance is affected by the ambient air. Research shows that the air around us significantly affects our health and performance. Aercast puts you in control of the surrounding environment and secures your top performance.


  • Maintenance free1
  • 3 sensors in one housing
  • Battery-powered
  • IoT connected using the market’s leading radio interfaces
  • IAQ indication on display as well as intuitive LEDs
  • Available as a white-label product

Thanks to the ultra-low power sensor, the Senseair Aercast is possible to run on batteries for at least 2 years, depending on the actual configuration.

The measured data is shown on a high resolution display and the overall indoor air quality is intuitively indicated by the stylish LED elements. The data is wirelessly transmitted using an open protocol and can be viewed using a laptop dashboard or a smart phone app.

Senseair Aercast is provided as a white-label product that could be branded with your own logotype. The product complies with ASHRAE standard 189.1 (±50 ppm @ 1000 ppm of measured CO2 value).

Note 1: Except battery replacement, no maintenance required in normal indoor air as ABC (Automatic Baseline Correction) is used.


Product Number


Measured gas

Carbon dioxide  CO2

Measurement range CO2

400–5,000 ppm



Relative Humidity

0 - 100%RH

VOC (Option)

0-500 IAQ0

Accuracy (CO2)

±30ppm ±3% of reading


148mm x 58mm x 29mm

Life expectancy

>15 years (battery 2 years)

Operation temperature range

0 - 50°C

Power supply

2x A Li-SOCI2 batteries (included)


Bluetooth LE


Note 2: After 3 ABC periods with default configuration

Product: Product number:
Battery Kit, Aercast 00-0-0110

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